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About Us

At Apex Legal, we believe in a defendant's constitutional right to due process and notice of same. We believe in a customer first, ethical, and accountable way of doing business and value each client as if they were our only one. Whether you have a one time need or are litigating 1000 cases monthly, we have the systems in place to seamlessly integrate with your Agency and provide you with the highest degree of professionalism available.

What our clients say:

I had lost sight of certain debts and I knew would eventually be served with court papers. When I was engaged by Mr. Vennes, not only did the paperwork I receive help me square away some of my debt, but I found his professionalism and willingness to meet with me on my terms both inspiring and humbling. It’s difficult to articulate the importance of the role he played in a life returning from the depths of carelessness.